These laptop stands changed my life!

Do you use a laptop stand? There are ergonomic reasons why they may be good for you, but more importantly, they can help your MacBook Air or Windows laptop stay cooler, run faster, and even help extend your battery life. I used to use a portable aluminum one that spread apart and also allowed me to adjust the angle of the computer for typing. This worked well and while a bit cumbersome to always bring along, it was well worth it in my opinion.

And then one day I noticed a client’s 15″ MacBook Pro had a fancy colorful stand! I inspected it and was immediately impressed- it’s stuck on with built-in adhesive to the bottom of your laptop. This particular one also allowed two height/angle adjustments which is absolutely necessary. I ordered one for my 13″ MacBook Pro, and just last week, ordered another one, a smaller single-adjustment version, for a 13″ MacBook Air M1. 

I absolutely love the new angle I get to work at (I prefer the lowest angle), and even more so, the convenience of never having to worry about bringing a laptop stand with me. They are fairly stable and works well on all the surfaces I’ve used them on, including my lap!