Do you have a new Mac and wondering how to connect your USB devices?

If you have a new MacBook you are probably wondering “How do I connect my USB printer or external USB hard drive?” Newer Macs have USB-C, which is a wonderful technology, but, that also means we need a way to connect our old devices! 

We get this question a lot, so here are our go-to products!

13 in 1 USB Type C HUB

This hub is amazing! And you may have seen me use one already. Not only does it have three USB ports, it also has 4K HDMI and SD card slots for your camera! I’m also quite fond of the Gigabit ethernet port since that is always handy. And since it has a USB-C pass through port, you can use this as a docking station for your office. 

And while it may not look it, it’s actually quite small and portable!

Dual USB-C Quick Charger 75W

It’s not very convenient to have one charger and if you can afford it, I recommend this dual USB-C 75 charger that also has two USB-A ports for fast charging your iPhone or Android! It comes with an extension cable and has a built-in stand to sit upright while you charge your devices.

USB Type C Male to USB-A 3.0 Female Adapter 2-Pack

Because there are no USB-A ports on the new MacBooks, you will need adapters. The hub above works great, but these adapters are quick and convenient. I have a few that I carry around, and in fact, I leave some of them attached to my devices permanently, like USB Flash drives.

There are many great USB-C accessories and we will cover more in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us!