MacHappy can repair all types of machines. From defective hard drives and power supplies to logic boards and memory issues, we have the experts here to get your Mac or PC up and running. Please note that if your computer was built in the early 2000s, then it may be a good time to upgrade. For those of you with newer computers, repair may be the way to go, however, if the cost looks like it may be more than what the Mac is actually worth, we’ll let you know, and help you decide on a more cost effective solution.

Data Recovery

MacHappy specializes in fast and affordable Data Recovery Solutions. From laptop hard drives to desktops to servers. And with a team of experienced experts and latest retrieval and back-up tools available, you can be rest assured that you’ll be receiving the highest level of support and expertise in the industry.

Data Backup

Don’t gamble with your mission critical data files- always make sure that they are backed-up in a secure and stable environment. At MacHappy, we provide a cost-effective and seamless back-up service on all servers, desktop and portable units. Let us help you protect your important data by calling us today. We ensure that all of your data is protected and secure while your unit is being repaired*.

Much, much more

We can help you in many ways: from on-site training, setting up your first Mac or PC, planning and implementing a secure network for your business, building custom websites and databases, providing remote support for your computer(s), or providing low-cost expert IT Support for your business. Whether you stop by our shop, or we go to your business, school, or home, our experts at MacHappy are are here to help you. Call or email us today and find out how we can make your life easier.