Back to School PCs 2020

Here’s a few Windows laptops I came across on Amazon that would be suitable for a college student. Any of the four below would be a good choice.  One is a touchscreen, so if that is a must-have then I’d go with that. They all have fast SSD drives, so speed won’t be an issue. 

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CyberPower Battery Backup UPS

Do you use a battery backup UPS?

If your power goes out, you are at risk of losing data on your computer. If you get a power surge, or, if the power to your Mac or PC drops, it can cause damage to your computer. A battery backup UPS such as the¬†CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD from Amazon works will help you. The most important […]

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WD External Portable Hard Drive

Backing up to portable external drives

Backing up is essential and one of the easiest ways is with portable external drives. This 4TB external will be good for most computers, even servers. This 2TB external will be good for regular personal computers that don’t require imaging. Or, get an 8TB external! This is great if you have large virtual machines that […]

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